Final August fun winners and update


I am so excited to end the month of giveaways on a high! So many entries and I also got to know more people on a personal level via email.

I want to tell everyone congratulations, that won through August, and thank  Karen from Orenda Books for kindly sending me books for the giveaway and Julie, Fernanda and Karen for taking time to make the giveaway prizes for me, their products are awesome and I order you to check them out, if you don’t already own some! Thank you to everyone who entered and if you didn’t win this time then maybe you will win on another giveaway!

I am pleased to announce the winners of last weeks giveaway. First prize went to Nicki from Secret Library. Why not head on over and check her out.

This is what she won!


The lovely Sue Price won £10 Amazon Voucher. I cannot wait to see what she buys with it!!


I haven’t really been around for a bit and it is due to my health (along with getting my daughter ready for starting back to school). I collapsed 2 days after my birthday and again a couple of days later in church. I was having really bad palpitations and if I exerted myself got very wobbly. Ended up having to get an ECG done after collapsing in Tesco, right there in the off licence section…you can’t make this stuff up, there I was on the floor with a bottle of wine in my hand! So anyways ECG was clear and Dr thought it was a virus, turned out it was really bad anxiety, way worse than what I have on a daily basis. I ended up having my Beta blockers changed.

I hadn’t noticed but unless it was needed I wasn’t leaving my bedroom, never mind the house. My laptop had given up the ghost but as I wasn’t leaving my room my office computer wasn’t being used so, in turn, I wasn’t reading blogs.

I haven’t really been reading so will be taking my time to get caught up on my TBR along with blog tour reads. Hopefully, I will be back to full blogging strength soon ☺ I have no reviews scheduled at the moment so will just be posting, for now, as and when I read a book. I realised that I do a massive number of blog tours as opposed to just reviews so I think I will have to reassess things. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy the blog tours however I want to get back to reading for myself.

Anyhoooo…. let’s just see how it goes!


Thanks for stopping by!

Lotsa love

Lisa xx

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12 thoughts on “Final August fun winners and update

    • Thanks Dawn x
      Unfortunately, these things happen. I don’t know if I mentioned or not but my birth father and my maternal grandfather both had serious heart problems so I was petrified but, thank God, it was nothing that serious. I think it was a reminder not to push myself or stress too much over what is going on in my life, my health is worse a heck of a lot more than all that!


    • Thanks lovely x I need to take control of my life rather than let it control me, easier said than done!! It was defo a wake up call, I will say that! x

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    • Thanks, Inge. First time I collapsed I had my daughter and her friends, talk about trying to make fun of a bad situation without having the kids think something was wrong lol
      I am really happy for Nicki too, I hope she loves her stuff 🙂

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