Why I’m not on social media, per se.

Hi lovelies! I have a bit of a long winded story but hopefully one that explains why I’m not around.

I’m sure that it has been noticed that I am not up to date on blogs and social media interaction is next to non existent, for this I must apologise.

At the start of September I gave you all an update on my health which, if you haven’t already, can be read here. My health is getting there and I am glad to still be getting content up but I have been absent for a much more important reason than my health.

If you don’t already know, my daughter was born with a cleft lip and palate. She has undergone a number of surgeries (when she was a baby and a toddler) however we have been waiting on her next surgery for about a year now. She was meant to get another surgery a couple of years ago however she wasn’t interested in it and we, along with her surgeon, were happy to leave her until she was ready. The surgery that we have been waiting on was scheduled to take place between the ages of 8 and 10. She decided that while she was getting this one she would have both done at once.

The surgery that she has been scheduled for is a bone graft in her gum. As she has a cleft palate she also has an incomplete gum. To give her a complete gum they will remove bone marrow from her hip to preform the graft. The surgery she has been putting off is more of an asthetic surgery which is why we gave her the choice as to wether or not to have it done before now. I have to say that my daughter is an amazingly strong person and even with people asking about her cleft she is not subconscious about how she looks, we all felt that to force her to have this other surgery could cause her body image issues and so we left it up to her. She is a wonderful child who cares about her art, singing, animals, the environment and the needs of others more than she cares about how she looks. She believes the spirit matters more than anything else when it comes to people.

Not long after the update referenced above we had a routine hospital appointment and were told she was 4th on the list so we expected her to be seen after Christmas, oh boy were we wrong!! A week later she received a letter for a pre op assessment and a date for surgery. As she is having multiple surgeries I had to make the arrangements for them to be carried out at the same time. Not only was that my responsibility but it seems organising her tests that are taking place while she is in surgery were up to me to organise also. She is deathly afraid of needles so after the last attempt we decided the best approach was to wait until she is under to do the tests. I have spent years working with these doctors and had been assured, at every appointment, they would sort everything out….I am the one with vials that were delivered to my house rather than the hospital she is having the surgery in. Her medical care is spread between 4 hospitals so for the past couple of weeks we have been run ragged and when I happen to be at home I am shattered so the computer is the last thing I want to look at. My cups of tea, yoga and knitting are what seem to be keeping me sane at the moment.

My girl will be going for surgery in just over a week so I am doing my best to have as many posts scheduled as possible, I have to say that for being a gamer it is soooo difficult to look at my PC and lothe it but alas that is where I am at the moment.

Seems this year has been fantastic for the blog but all I can manage in my personal life is to have one complex situation after another 😁 Ah sure if life wasn’t keeping us on our toes we would get bored!

I want to thank all the authors for their invaluable guest posts recently and urge you all to go enter the giveaways!!

I intend to be back in the middle of November with a post about something not book related but is something that is exceptionally important to me. It is something I am very much in to raising awareness of and feel that a blog post might reach a higher number of people.

Thank you all for your continued support and thank you all so much for your patience.

Lotsa love,

Lisa xx


10 thoughts on “Why I’m not on social media, per se.

    • Thanks hun. Was unsure about posting about it but I would rather be open. I litterly go online to do research for what I’m working on or write posts then leave lol so unlike me!! Thanks for the message Nicki x

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    • Thanks Inge, you’re so sweet! She is an awesome young lady, she has me making sure she has loads of sketch pads to draw her stories she thinks it will all be fine. She is adamant that she has to be home for the Hallowtide festival because I have made her wolf outfit! She is one of the bravest people I have ever met.

      The post in November is hopefully going to get good reception but who knows how these things go, especially when it isn’t something that the blog is about 😁


    • Thank you, hun, she is a trouper! She was super brave going down and when offered pain meds she wouldn’t take them. She has the be the bravest person I know, and not just saying that cos she’s mine lol I don’t know any adults that could have suffered that pain. She is still sore but getting there. She has a review on Thursday so I am hoping we find out if the graft has taken, hope to goodness it has because I don’t want her to endure that all again!

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      • That is so amazing, you must be so proud! The poor thing, I hope she is doing better now (I’m sorry I took so long to answer!),


    • Sorry I missed this Dawn! Thank you xx

      She came through the op and was adamant she didn’t need pain meds any time they asked her, even though she could barely move, I asked them to give her anyways. She said she felt like she had been in a minor accident, gotta say she looked like she had been in a bit more than a minor one!! She is so brave, didn’t give in to any medications until she fainted.

      I was teaching at the church this eve and it was the first she has been out for more than an hour, her nose was bleeding and she was light headed but refused to go home… needless to say, I took her home!

      She has a review on Thursday and we will hopefully find out if the graft has taken.


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