#Giveaway 3 feat @OrendaBooks @bookbuddle & @MDwithaBook and some pics!

So before we get into it let’s announce the winners of last week’s giveaway and launch this week’s giveaway!


The lovely Emma who writes for , find her on Twitter @emthebookworm, won £25 Amazon voucher and Deanna from Dee’s Rad Reads and Reviews, on Twitter @DeesRadReads, won $10 Amazon Voucher. Congratulations ladies, hope you both enjoy spending!

This week, in the giveaway, we have stuff from the pile books and bookish gifts (see what is up for grabs here) and a £10/$10 Amazon Voucher. Sorry folks but the books and so on are only for UK and Ireland, however, the voucher is worldwide so enter, ENTER!

Good luck everyone!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you, everyone, who sent me birthday wishes last week! We went to Rathlin Island, where The Marriage Pact first began (those of you who don’t know the book or haven’t yet read it you can read my review here). Our plan was to go see the Puffins however they thought it was time to move elsewhere so we had a lovely day looking for seals and enjoying the island instead! It was a beautiful day and even with 50 factor on I was a pinker than a cooked lobster, naturally because I am a redhead I have more freckles rather than a tan!

I thought I would share my pics with you guys!


You can see more from this trip on my Flickr Album for Rathlin. The rest of my Flickr needs to be edited and so on, I rarely use it but feel free to have a nosey. Some are dreadful 😀

Hope everyone has a great day!

Lotsa love,

Lisa xx

23 thoughts on “#Giveaway 3 feat @OrendaBooks @bookbuddle & @MDwithaBook and some pics!

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    • Thanks doll! You gonna hire me for your next head shots? They are a quid each and I take 500 😂


      • Too funny! When doing kids I do something like 250+ but obv don’t give them all, a lot get scrapped tbh. Bit like weddings only thousands are taken and you get something like 50 in an album. So glad I don’t do weddings!

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      • I was so chilled on my wedding day the photographer and videographer were saying to eachother how easy our wedding was to do lol I shoutted over and said how I was just happy to have married him I didn’t care! I didn’t even get a picture done for my house. They were saying usually brides are wound up tighter than a watch. I organised my mates wedding and she was a total bridezilla it was dreadful. We ended up in the bathroom with her bawling her eyes out because it had gotten too much for her. Not my style at all. We even did our first dance to that song Adam Sandler sang on the aeroplane in The Wedding Singer cos we are so silly…have to say folk were expecting romantic songs but it is just so us lol


      • It was hillarious! The man that gave me away stood on the maid of honour’s train and it came away from her skirt. My jr bridesmaid set a filled soda on her dress and got grease over it before the wedding. I burnt my hand stealing Philip’s yorkshire pudding and the rings were forgotten. If you can get through all that laughing then the pics are a breeze 😂


    • This went to spam, sorry Dawn! It is lovely, very peaceful. You would have a long drive from yours to get there cos I had 2 hrs lol


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