Big Birthday #Giveaway feat @OrendaBooks @bookbuddle & @MDwithaBook

Ok so not long ago I told you all that there would be giveaways taking place over August and look, August is here!! The reason I want to do this is to say thank you to everyone over this past year. Every single one of my followers/readers means so much to me and I want to give you guys a thank you gift, just wish I could give everyone a gift each! So this month isn’t only the first birthday for the blog but I turn 27, yet again! Given we share a birthday month we shall have giveaways every week for the whole of August ❤

How about a nosey at what I have in store for you over the month.

So as you can see we have everything in multiples of 3. 3 bookish tote bags, 3 mindfulness colouring books, 3 notebooks, 3 sets of bookish bookmarks and keyrings from Mystery Date with a Book, 3 mystery Buddles and 6 books from Orenda Books. We are missing bookmarks from Bookbandz but they will follow! Ok so the reason for the multiples of 3 is there will be 3 giveaways that are for the UK and Ireland only, however, there will also be Amazon vouchers so everyone can enter!

Today’s giveaway is for a tote of goodies and a £10/$10 Amazon voucher. Click, click, click the button!


I will announce the winners on Tuesday along with installing the next giveaway.

Thanks everyone for everything and good luck!

Lotsa Love

Lisa xx

48 thoughts on “Big Birthday #Giveaway feat @OrendaBooks @bookbuddle & @MDwithaBook

    • You’re welcome and good luck! There will be 5 over the month so if you don’t win this time then maybe next time x


    • Thank you! Technically not my birthday til 8th but because I am me I must have a birthday month 😁


    • Thank you! It is my official bday on tues but because I am me I must have a birthday month 😂 I’m glad I can get away with saying I’m 27 so while I can I will stick with it. Unfortunately I am no where near 27 but I don’t drink much or smoke and I am all about investing in good skin care and healthy eating so I put it down to that. My mother and grandmother both looked alot younger than they were so maybe it is just good genes! Some day I will have to own up to my age but for now I am happy at 27 😂😂


  1. Congrats! August is a lovely month to celebrate a birthday and a blogoversary 🙂 Thank you TONS for the generous giveaway… I am long due one myself to be honest, but once I hit 1k followers, it is so on! 😀 Alwasy great to celebrate with a giveaway, I think 🙂

    27 again, eh? 😀 I think I will have to adapt the same style to my own age…I’m not that far from 27 but it feels longer… gosh, what it would be like to go back in time sometimes 🙂

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    • Everyone is just so awesome I had to do it! Had said to hubby months ago and he told me best wait til 1k for a big one but it’s my birthday month not his 😂
      27 wasn’t the best year for me (lost my mum) but for some reason it is my fav age, such a nice number! This is my 8th or 9th 27 lol
      I would love to be able to talk to my mid 20 yr old self and tell her things do get better, she would likely tell me to piss off though 😂

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      • Aw, so sorry to hear about your mum… it’ss tough! and it will always be tough… I call mine every bloody day to ask stupid questions about cooking and stuff and I really don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have her to call anymore 😦

        But moving on to something lighter- were you a bit of a rebel in your younger years so?

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      • Not exactly a rebel but I was in a very bad place and any advice I was given to try help me I saw it as criticism. My poor husband got the brunt of it. Turned out it was undiagnosed postnatal depression. Nearly destroyed everything I had then when mum died I realised I had to learn to stand on my own 2 feet without her to run to. I had looked after her from I was 15, she had Multiple Sclerosis that put her in a wheelchair and then when I was 19 my grandfather, who was basically my dad, died and I started to spiral out of control. Covered in tattoos, stretched out my ears, everything except my lip pierced and so on. Maybe 27 is where I became a grownup!


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