Meet Jules from Buddle! @bookbuddle

If you haven’t heard of Buddle then you are missing out! They are book sleeves made by the lovely Jules. I have one for a hardback, two for standard paperbacks and one for my Kindle. They are made with top quality material, are well padded and Jules’ stitching is second to none. They are of the perfect thickness to protect your book, Kindle or iPad. When talking to Jules about the Buddles I could tell just how much she puts her heart into each and every one of them and you can see it in the way they are made.

Take a gander at the few I own!


I invited Jules to tell everyone about herself and her pet project!

I’ve always enjoyed reading, ever since I was very young. I suppose what got me into reading was Roald Dahl – I just loved all those adventures! I also loved Enid Blyton and the Adrian Mole diaries!

I’ve had a good few years out of reading throughout my adult life due to going to University for a very long time (10 years in total, not because I’m super brainy or anything but just because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do!). I finished (what will hopefully be) my final degree 3 years ago & have been an avid reader of fiction ever since. I have a very stressful job, which can be both physically and emotionally demanding, and books have become a huge comfort & stress reliever.

Anyway, I digress! So, not only do I love to read but I also do love books themselves. Books have got dog-eared & bashed around in my bag over the years, which I hate to see. I’d heard of book sleeves but hadn’t been able to find one I liked so I made my own. It took a few attempts before I found the right padding & fabrics, and got the sizes right. Family & friends began to ask me about them, so I made some for others & then my boyfriend urged me into considering starting a business. He came up with the name “Buddle”, a play on words for “give your book a cuddle”. I think it fits perfectly!

I’ve been very lucky so far. Business is going well, particularly with the help of Twitter and it’s many book bloggers! Thanks to people like Lisa, who have bought Buddles and loved them, they have helped to spread the word through their blogs and I cannot thank them enough for their continued support. They truly have all been amazing. So thank you to Lisa & all you book bloggers out there!

The long-term goal would be for Buddle to make it into the shops. However, my absolute dream would be to open my own seaside bookshop and plans are now afoot. And that bookshop, should it hopefully one day happen, will become the “Home of the Buddle”!

You can find Jules on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Etsy

9 thoughts on “Meet Jules from Buddle! @bookbuddle

    • They are wonderful! I bought 2 then saw another material on Twitter and had to have it. After that I thought my kindle needed a little love too, not its fault it isn’t a real book 😂 they are just so beautifully made

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    • Check out her twitter as well to see if there is a fabric you like. Shes very helpful if you can’t find what you like on her Etsy


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