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Thank you to Liz over at Cover to Cover for tagging me! She is awesome, go show her some love if you don’t already know her!

The Blogger Stats Book Tag was created by Stuart @ Always Trust In Books and it is really cool! I have been stewing over this for a week and still don’t know what I will write so I decided to just sit down and do it rather than thinking too much about it!!

This tag is 20 quickfire questions regarding your very own book blog. There are very few rules. Just answer the questions, nominate as many people as you want and have fun doing so


The last three books you read?

I have dipped in and out of others but these are the most recent completed.

Spoilers or spoiler free?

Oh spoiler free! However, it is so hard to write a spoiler free review. I was just saying to another blogger today that if you find a short review from me you can almost always be guaranteed that I am restraining myself!

How long have you been book blogging?

Oooh…ok this one is kinda tough, well ish. I had a blog called Rambling Lisa and I reviewed beauty products, makeup, talked about parenting and also reviewed books. I started it about 4 or 5 years ago and then almost a year ago I discovered Book Blogging was an actual thing. My followers had been saying they loved my book reviews as I was showing more of myself but I never considered solely blogging about books until about July time 2016.

A book you read in one sitting?

I read a lot of books in one sitting but one I recommend, if you like Poetry, is Debris by Chris Parker. It had me on an emotional rollercoaster. You can find my review here!debris

Your favourite genre?

Hmmmmm…… I can’t pick just one!


Anything gripping like crime, mystery, psychological and so on however I adore poetry! I am also a fan of Amish Fiction and Christain Fiction, however, I don’t read them as much as the others I have mentioned.

Preferred book size? (novella, tome, etc)

Does it really matter to anyone what size it is?! I love all the book sizes!


Amount of books on your TBR?

Uuuuuuuuhhhhhmmmmmmmmm…….PASS! I know, I’ll check what Goodreads says! BRB!! (Go grab yourself a cuppa!)

OK! Goodreads lies! Apparently 200 but that’s rubbish. It is a few more hundreds than that but likely because I have a couple of thousand books and haven’t added them all to Goodreads!

A book you have DNF’d?

There have been a few I wish I hadn’t finished but the one that is staring at me constantly is This book is full of Spiders.


I have no idea why it isn’t finished, I am greatly peeved that I haven’t it finished but I know I started it in July last year and the bookmark is still less than 1/4 in..

Recent awards or milestones?

I received the Sunshine Award last year but no awards other than that. I recently hit 1000 followers on my Twitter account for the blog, I am almost at 200 followers on the blog and I’ve been getting over 900 views a month for the past few months!

Best interaction with an author you enjoy?

I have emailed back and forth with some and when I got to do my first Q&A which was with Sarah Armstrong it was fab. Chris Parker sent me signed copies of both his poetry books and that was lovely, they were my first ever personalised signed books so they hold a special place in my heart! Recently an author I thoroughly enjoyed reading asked me to write an endorsement for their book as well so that was really flattering!

Average number of books you read per month?

Depends on the month really and how my severe my pain is but I try to fit 2 – 3 in a week although that doesn’t always happen, sometimes it is only 1. I can’t count the best, #GrammerSchoolFail haha!! Can you believe I actually did one of my A levels in maths?! Ummm I would say 10 but we have completed 4 months and Goodreads tells me I have read 21…yes I am attempting to divide 20 by 4 and failing OH IT’S 5! That sucks! 3 a week timed by 4 weeks would be 12…colour me ticked with myself!


Top three publishers?

That isn’t a fair question! I like independent publishers, they are more hands on with everything. I love both Karen of Orenda Book and Matthew of Urbane Publications, I just admire how they interact with folk. I have a significant amount of books from Hodder, Penguin, Avon, Arrow Books, Headline….I can’t pick just 3.


Social media sites your blog uses?

Only Twitter! I suck bad enough at keeping up with a Twitter feed, imagine the disaster if I had others as well!!

Average amount of time you spend on networking?

I haven’t the foggiest! Twitter is on my phone so I pop in and out when I get a notification if I happen to be on my phone! Getting the laptop out our turning the PC on to do it, maybe an hour a day.

Most comfortable blogging position?

Lying back on my bed against my stack of pillows with my knees pulled up. I have a laptop thingy that I hook over my knees. Really not the best way to sit, by rights I should be at the PC but I just feel so comfortable against my pillows!

Music or quiet when writing reviews?

I don’t like silence in the house so I either have the TV on in the background or I listen to podcasts.

Can you sum up your blogging style in 5 words?

Disjointed, rambly, personal, cheeky, ME!

I asked my husband to help me pick words but he doesn’t read my blog so I asked him to describe me given that I put myself into the blog and the only word he said was ‘sarcastic’! I can’t say that there isn’t some sarcasm in there but I can’t say it is part of my blogging style!!

A blog you looked up to starting out?

Mystery Date with a Book! I met Fernanda at a craft sale when I was buying some of her products and lifted one of her cards. When I was checking out her site I noticed she had a blog and that is how I discovered that Book Blogging was an actual thing. I love her style, she makes blogging look so easy and fun!

The best book you have reviewed so far?

It would be easier to name the books I wasn’t fussed on!! I can’t answer this question!


Best piece of blogging advice?

Be yourself! Don’t try to make your blog like someone else’s and if what you are doing doesn’t make you happy then change it! Try to keep active on social media, it is the best way to get your blog out into the web. Finally, support other bloggers and they will support you back!

That’s not just one piece but all are as relevant as each other!

OK now for the hard part! Who on earth do I tag?!

Obviously, I have to tag Fernanda because if it weren’t for her I would never have transitioned to only blogging about books!

After that, the rest are random choices off my subscriptions!

Dee @ Novel Delights

Shanannigans @ Reads and Reels

Claire @ BrizzleLass Books

Kate @ The Quiet Knitter

Everyone else out there, please take part too because I really didn’t like having to pick names! If you do this tag then put the link in the comments below.

Have a great day everyone and thanks again Liz for nominating me!


13 thoughts on “Blogger Stats Book Tag

    • You are welcome, houpe you have fun if you do it! My blogging actually started 9 yrs ago with a blog written from my daughter’s point of view as she went through her first year in life. I have friends & family skattered over the world and thought that it was a great thing for them to see her grow then when her year was up I paid for them to send me the blog on disk so she would have it when she grew up. Naturally it didn’t have books nor did my tumblr that filled the years between it and Rambling Lisa but yea I transitioned from other blogging. See! I diserve the ‘Rambling’ part of my name 😂😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hope not houpe! And it was 10 yrs lol. Disadvantage of typing on my phone – no Grammerly!


      • Oh I love it! That is such a cool idea for the blog! I’ve been blogging for 14 years! I joke I’m an OAP in blog years! I have one friend who has been book blogging for around that long! I love her blog, I honestly didn’t realise book blogging was a “thing” even though I have read her blog religiously since 2005! 😂

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  1. Yay, finally had a chance to read your answers! And I loved it! You’re so funny.. I swear when you were trying to figure out the how many books do you rea a month’ I was in fits… best part? I suck in maths so I would have been exactly the same… XD hahaha…

    And you got to write an endoresement for a book? That is sooo cool! This is something that… gosh, this is like megahuge! XD

    Many thanks for taking time to participate in the award and as I ‘threatened’ on Twitter… I shall be sending more tags/awards your way… well.. I don’t do them often myself but when I do… I’ll be sure to include you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I literally type as I think so if it is in there it comes out 😀 As the number came to me I shouted and typed at exactly the same time!!!!

    Yea was asked to write an endorsement for a book. The author is still waiting to see if the publisher is on board and who knows if it will be used but the fact that I was asked was amazing! I actually think at this point I’m not bothered if it is used! That being said, if it is used, seeing my name on someone’s book would be mind blowing.

    Oh I didn’t take it as a threat lol if you are like me you don’t make threats you make promises 😀 😀


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