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Written In Blood
Alex R. Carver
Publication date: April 4th 2017
Genres: Adult, Thriller

A peaceful village torn apart by murder, mistrust, and a desire for revenge.

When Oakhurst’s daughters begin to turn up, brutally murdered and with accusatory words carved into their skin, the residents of the small, close-knit community are unwilling to believe that one of their own might be a killer. Suspicion falls on the village’s newest resident, Zack Wild, attractive, charming, author of violent crime novels, and possessor of a dark history; he seems like the perfect suspect. As the investigation continues, the evidence against Wild mounts, but is prejudice against the newcomer affecting the judgment of Sergeant Mitchell, Constable Turner thinks so; she is determined to bring the killer to justice, no matter who it is, or what she has to do. Who will be proved right, and will they catch the killer before he can strike again?

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“Can’t it at least wait ‘til we’ve eaten?” Zack asked. He looked around for somewhere to put the plates down, and for somewhere to sit; that was when he saw movement outside the window. He reacted instinctively, shouting, “Get down.” The plates he was holding, along with the food they contained, went up in the air as he dived for cover; he couldn’t have said how he knew the movement he had seen heralded danger, but his quick reactions saved him, for no sooner had he let go of the plates than the main window of the bay exploded in a crash of thunder.

Zack landed alongside what remained of his sofa, which protected him from the flying glass, though it didn’t protect him from the fry-ups he had thrown. A mix of bacon, sausage, mushroom, egg, and baked beans rained down on him, messing up his hair and leaving him with bean juice running down his neck.

It was only when he looked up from his position on the floor, and saw that Isobel was covered in blood and swaying on her feet, that Zack put together what he had seen and heard and realised what had happened. Scrambling to his feet he launched himself at Isobel so he could protect her, since she didn’t seem able to protect herself. He crashed into her just as the shotgun went off again and felt a wave of pain, unrelated to the injuries he had received at the hands of Sergeant Mitchell and his constables, sweep over him.

He ignored the pain and focused on making sure that Isobel was safe.

He saw straight away that his friend was in bad shape, having been struck many times by the pellets from the shotgun – covered in blood as she was it was impossible to tell how many of the pellets had hit her, or where she had been hit – her breathing was shallow, and her skin was pale beneath its mask of blood. Worst of all, the blood on her lips bubbled and frothed in a way that made Zack fear she had been hit in the lungs; whatever other injuries she might have, the possibility of a punctured lung worried him the most, and he reached into his pocket for his mobile phone.


Author Bio:

Alex Carver has worked a number of jobs over the years, none of which provided the satisfaction he got from writing, and he has now given up the day jobs to write full-time. Primarily he writes crime fiction, reflecting his interest in the seedy underbelly of life, but science fiction and kids adventure have featured in his writing, with books in those genres on the long list of titles he is preparing for release.

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