Where are you on your Goodreads Challenge?

I had intended to write a book review for tomorrow but started a new job and been flat out and in turn haven’t exactly finished the book so thought I’d ask this question today instead. 

I hadn’t expected to read too many books this year due to getting experimental treatments for my cronic neck pain so had set my target to 5 and as I realised it would be completed soon i changed it to 20 for some completly unknown reason!!

I have 10 completed and apparently I am reading 5 at the moment according to Goodreads!! I can’t read more than 2 at a time so goodness knows how that came about 😁.

I know of a girl who has something like 300 as her challenge and shes almost finished. I can not see myself being able to do that!!

So I ask you, how far are you into your challenge?


3 thoughts on “Where are you on your Goodreads Challenge?

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