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SynopsisElectroshock therapy, child abuse and modern-day slavery… just another day in Christine’s life.

Take a heart-wrenching yet inspiring ride through one woman’s incredible journey that is so compelling that you are simultaneously trying to look away and unable to stop yourself from reading on.

Christine’s father is a wealthy, tyrannical man renowned in the diamond business. At the age of just five, little Christine is cast aside into a boarding school where she is ridiculed for two embarrassing problems. She grows up in a never-ending circle of traumatic experiences both in her boarding school and at home. It culminates into a falling out between father and child that was never fully mended, leading her into a world of promiscuity and alcohol, eventually landing her in a violent marriage.

Driven to the limits of despair and heartache, she creates a plan to escape her world of misery. Will her plan work?

A story that asks: How do you find the strength, when you suffer almost unbearable abuse and are broken beyond repair, to pick up the pieces of a shattered life?

This journey shows the tenacity of the human spirit and how the will to survive can often be hidden behind self-destructive tendencies. This beautifully written novel is an incredible inspiring true story about loss, abuse, survival and hope.

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My review I found No Fourth River is an exceptionally gut-wrenchingly painful story to read, there is no denying it. Being that it was the life of Christine Clayfield herself is likely why this was so difficult to read. I love autobiographical/biographical books but autobiographies affect me in an exceptionally intimate way.

No Fourth River starts out with Christine receiving a call regarding her mum’s health and while travelling and sitting with her mum she is reliving the past. We see a young girl living in a harsh family environment that has led her to such a state that she wets the bed. Dad was an abusive alcoholic who had a highly successful business and always felt he should have the perfect family on the outside, even if things aren’t perfect at home. Mum was in a position where she was exceptionally degraded by her husband and feared for her children but couldn’t leave and unfortunately this is seen quite a lot in these situations. Christine and her brothers were sent to boarding school and while there Christine suffered a lot of abuse from the students but worse than that she suffered it from the nuns. Our children should feel safe at school and if the children are being abusive then the teachers should be there to listen and protect them but this was not the case for Christine and it broke my heart. I went to a boarding school and I have to say that even when the kids were hard to deal with there was always someone to turn to. I remember there being a horrific situation with one teacher and I wasn’t afraid to go and tell another teacher but this was not the case in No Fourth River and that was awful to read about, I felt like I was there experiencing what was going on in the school and it broke my heart that I couldn’t just pick Christine up in my arms and tell her that it would be ok and they couldn’t hurt her anymore. This was a feeling that I had quite a bit while reading and I don’t know if it was the mother in me or the fact that our lives have been exceptionally similar, with the exception of the school experience and a few other things, but I just wanted to protect her and have her know that regardless of what happens we can shape our own future rather than letting our situation dictate what the future holds.

The book is perfectly written and I found it eerily relatable. The writing style is fabulous, reminds me of sitting having a chat with someone about their life. Even if you aren’t someone who likes autobiographical books you will enjoy reading this. It is completely possible to read this as if it were a novel written in the first person. This is modern day Cinderella story that can be appreciated by all.


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Meet the Author (1) Born in 1959, the successful UK business woman and author Christine Clayfield has achieved recognition as a Bestselling Author for one of her Internet marketing books. She has written 6 books: 1 novel (her own life story) and 5 business books.

Christine is an author, wife, mother and business woman.
Christine’s past holds much pain and abuse, but it did not stop her from being the woman she is today by changing her life and building the future she wanted. She wants to empower and inspire the world with the release of “No Fourth River”, a novel, based on a true story: her own life.

Life was certainly no easy ride for her. To say she had a hard life as a child and a young adult, is an understatement. ‘No Fourth River’, is her way to let the world know that despite the pain of your past, YOU have the ability to change your future. YOU can make it happen if you just believe. It all starts with YOU.

Christine loves writing books and helping others to achieve business success! She has helped countless people to get to grips with making money online and publishing books.

Christine Clayfield is an Internet marketer, Author, Entrepreneur, Infopreneur, Public Speaker and Book Publisher. She is the author of:
– From Newbie To Millionaire
– Drop Shipping and eCommerce. What You Need And Where To Get it
– Finding Niches Made Easy
– Design Free Websites
– Work From Home Ideas
– No Fourth River

She is also the creator of the Self Publishing Video Tutorials: http://www.WorldWideSelfPublishing.com
For more information:


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