How do you read yours??

Been thinking alot about this lately and wondering where others read their books.

Personally when I’m in the house, I read either in bed or curled up in the corner of my sofa, with a nice big cup of tea. This is in the evenings.

I like to read in a coffee shop or at work using an ereader – my Sony ereader or the kindle app on my iPad mini/mobile phone.

Audible/audio books, however, is strange. Sometimes I listen to them while walking the dogs, while cleaning, while reading another book….the list goes on, however I would prefer to listen to podcasts given the lack of needing to concentrate. I can’t listen to an audio book while driving, yet my brother in law loves them for driving. Under no circumstances can I sit down to listen to an audio book as I will fall asleep…

Train is one where I use all 3. I do prefer to physically read however if you’ve the headphones on people are less likely to talk to you and I do like to play chess on my iPad or write while travelling.

Where is your favourite place to read for each of these options??

3 thoughts on “How do you read yours??

  1. I don’t think anything beats lying in bed with a book while your eyes slowly droop. I also really love reading in coffee shops and in parks. Reading on public transport is great as well, although it is so frustrating to have to stop reading in the middle of a very gripping chapter. :/

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