#Review of charity DVD The City Fox & others in our community @Chjparker @reynoldsfilms

For anyone who doesn’t know Chris Parker as a poet, you are missing out. As a poetry lover, I encourage you to pick up a copy of either of his poetry collections The City Fox or debris, debris actually reduced me to tears at times and I didn’t even realise. I  reviewed debris this time last year and you can find that review here.

Chris decided to make a film of the poems to help raise money and awareness for Nottingham Central Women’s Aid.  Steve Reynolds, the filmmaker, got involved and he did all the filming and editing for ‘the City Fox & others in our community’. Time was given freely by all involved as this was for charity.



Between poems, there are clips of Chris being interviewed by Stuart Williams of The Unlimited Podcast (you can find The Unlimited Podcast here), and it is in these interview clips that we learn more about the background of the upcoming poem. Stu is an unbelievably talented interviewer, he someone that it is exceptionally easy to open up to and I believe this is what makes him so good. The music was also composed by Stuart Williams.

The filming is beautifully put together, the lighting and angles adding to the mood of what we are watching and listening to. Steve Reynolds is an exceptionally talented filmmaker so wouldn’t have expected anything else.

Watching Chris tell you the story, through his poetry, in these videos is exceptionally gripping. The basic concept, for most of the videos, is that we are watching something that seems to be an everyday event but as we listen to the poem being read to us we realise exactly what is going on. This in its self has an amazing way of making one think about the bigger picture of the world. I remember staring at one of the videos thinking how everything looked so normal yet the words were weighing heavily on my chest. There are some poems that have Chris talking directly to the viewer, the words combined with his vocal and physical expression have a way of reaching the soul and drawing you in further to the story being told. Having met him in person I can tell you that this is was something that I experienced while in conversation with him.

Message from Chris:

The film is the 1st of a 3 part poetry based project raising awareness and money for Nottingham Central Women’s Aid. This year we are going to publish a coffee table style poetry book with photos accompanying poems written by women and children who have been ‘through’ the refuge and those there currently and staff and volunteers. in 2019 we will do a theatre performances of the poems.


If you are interested in purchasing a copy of The City Fox & others in our community then you can email Chris directly by email chjparker@aol.com. DVDs are priced at £7.99 + p&p


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