#BlogTour CWA Anthology of Short Stories: The Mystery Tour #CWAMysteryTour @OrendaBooks @annecarter

Ah now what can I say about this wee collection of shorts…

So, if you know me then you know I am completly inappropriate and these stories brought that out in me without fail – I laughed at most of the final lines in each story. It was part ‘that is soooo funny’ and mostly maniacal laughter! Don’t get the idea that these are funny stories, they aren’t, but realise that as so much information and emotion has been packed in to a few pages that the rush is overwhelming so, in turn, the last like is the kicker and I loved it.

We can clearly see that these are written by different people and it is such fun. The changes in style makes it possible to read one story then within a few minutes get excited for the next in the same way we would feel when finishing one book then moving to the next.

Short stories are something that I am particularly fond of for a number of reasons but the main one would have to be that as someone with a busy environment (along with attention constantly being demanded!!!) it can cause my concentration to be lacking once I get back to my book so short stories make it easy to dip in and out of a book.


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