#Kickstarter #KidLit A new approach to environmental matters for kids

I recently had a new Kickstarter campaign brought to my attention and had to not only back it but raise attention about it. Kids are the future of this planet and we are running out of ways to teach them about environmental matters, something that this new book plans to change.

Here we are in the 21st Century and as much as we are doing a better job at taking care of Mother Earth we need to do more to show her the respect she deserves. Our planet produces what we need but we are hurting her. I remember, maybe 30 years ago, walking the road in my bare feet because my shoes were sticking to the tar. It was amazing feeling the heat of the ground under my feet. Summers were glorious (we even would have hosepipe bans!) and winters had snow….where is all that now? Summers are rain and winters are mild, something that is contributed to global warming and this is said to be caused by us – Humans. We can teach our children to make small changes and as they grow their teachings with be carried with them and hopefully grow.

If you want to get involved click HERE to go to the Kickstarter!

Here is a little excerpt from the Kickstarter Campaign.

About this project

Our story

Before our children were born we knew that we wanted to share the unbelievable stories of the world’s biggest environmental challenges with kids. Our motto was: how can we expect the next generation to tackle these problems if they don’t even know they exist? We started with a tale about a whale, faced with colossal marine pollution.

Then our kids came into the picture. And we realized: we need much more than a cute tale. Watching our kids and others grow and learn, we could see: children are actually much more intelligent than we imagined. We knew: that our stories needed to be honest and straight-forward. Also, in this competitive information world of apps and devices: we have to be creative to grab kids’ attention. But above all, we have to be positive, armed with hope and love. Our everyday ‘motto’ has now changed: we want our kids to be aware – and caring.  

But the thing is, a lot of these huge environmental issues (like plastic overuse and pollution) are so obvious that most of us end up not caring. We use plastic bags, bottles, straws, coffee cups – all of this every day, regardless of the disturbing news about impacts such as microplastics in our tap water or shocking images of suffering animals.

So, if we are about to reach and motivate the little geniuses who will one day be our leaders – we need to create something smart, unique and practical. This is how Planet ERATH was born.


About the book

Planet ERATH 

Our idea is a hybrid book. It’s a combination of science, a story, and an activity book. And it is beautifully illustrated to help capture the imagination of our readers.

In our story, we have decided to hold up a mirror to our world – showing a new perspective through a recently discovered planet that is the identical twin of ours. In this way, we can introduce a somewhat dry topic through an engaging storyline. Planet ERATH is in grave danger, due to an enormous amount of plastic.

The science is clear: through the book, we explain the issue in a step-by-step manner using interesting, but always accurate, facts. This information, wrapped in the storyline, will follow a logical chain that introduces the problem, its causes, and potential solutions. We will also use catchy visuals and ‘kid-friendly’ infographics, making it easy for the reader to grasp the issue at hand.

To make this information useful and practical, the second half of the book is where the action happens: an activity book with lots of ideas for how kids can begin to tackle the plastic issue(s) in everyday life.

And we all know that kids ask A LOT of questions. So as a supplement to the book, we are also developing a simple but useful guideline for parents, teachers and guardians to help answer further questions that may arise.

If you want to get involved click HERE to go to the Kickstarter!

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