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Morning lovelies! Today we have a bit of a different book than normal on our launch pad. This one doesn’t have you sweating at the thought of what is inside it however it will help you get over that feeling within the workplace or if you are looking for a new job. There are a lot of us out there that feel lost at work and that we won’t ever feel happy in the workplace so why not read on and see what advice Vicki Morris has on the subject.

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Synopsis Find a Job or Create Work You Love in Just 8 Weeks

Whether you are looking for a job, want to change careers or start your own business – InspiredWork is THE career guide that can help you take the next step.

Author, Founder and Career Happiness Coach, Vicki Morris, is here to show us that we have the power to transform our careers and create work we love. With more than 25 years of experience as a high tech business leader, entrepreneur and mentor, Vicki learned firsthand that all it takes is knowing what inspired work means to you, understanding where you are now, taking daily inspired action and enjoying your unique career journey.

You can experience career happiness, too. The answers are inside of you. All you need to do is find the right guide – a guide that both inspires you and gives you practical advice on how to transform your career and brand in the Global Digital Age. That’s what InspiredWork: Create Work You Love in 8 Weeks is providing.

Inside this book you will discover:

•Why 80% of people are unhappy at work and if you are one of them
•What inspired work means to you
•Which career path (new job, career or business) is right for you
•How to create a personalized game plan to transform your career
•Step-by-step guidance on how to find a job, change careers or start your own business in just 8 weeks
•And Much More

Imagine waking up each day excited about your work instead of dreading it. Think about how happy your friends and family will be when they see how much you enjoy your new job or business. These can happen to you, if you create your own inspired work.

Life is too short to be unhappy at work. The sooner you get InspiredWork, the sooner you will be able to transform your career and start feeling happier.

Don’t Put Off Your Chance at Career Happiness. Get This InspiredWork Book Today.

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Author writes

The 6 Core Principles Behind InspiredWork

Here, Vicki Morris, the Career Happiness Coach, founder of InspiredWork and author of the Inc. Best 100 Business book Happy Habits., reveals the six core principles behind her latest book InspiredWork: Create Work You Love in 8 Weeks and its companion InspiredWork Workbook.

Key InspiredWork Principles

There are six core principles that I used to design InspiredWork – the company, the system, the book and its companion workbook, and the movement.

  • Career unhappiness is unacceptable.

Life is too short to be unhappy at work, especially since most of us spend more than 50% of our waking ours at work.

People who are unhappy typically spread their unhappiness to those around them including their family and friends as well as their work colleagues. The opposite is also true. Would you rather be spreading happiness or unhappiness?

  • Happiness is an inside job. But, you must choose it every day, every moment.

A new boss, new job, new career or new business will not make you happy. Happiness only comes from within when you are at peace with the present moment, aware you are love and willing to share your love and talents with others for the well-being of all. This will enable you to be your highest self and experience true happiness no matter what.

A good life requires good energy. Like attracts like. If you want to attract a great new boss or great clients, then be a great person to be around.

If you want to be happier at work, choose to be happy first and then look for a new job or start your own business.

The fastest and easiest way to change your life and be happier is to change your daily habits that you do on autopilot to happier ones. That’s why Happy Habits is the first step in the InspiredWork Career Transformation System.

  • InspiredWork is a journey and only you know what the next best step in your career is for you.

InspiredWork is work where you are free to be yourself, feel fulfilled by using your unique talents, are happy and energized by your work, and love your life.

For most people, finding their inspired work is a journey. It’s not about finding the perfect job or starting the perfect business. You may have several jobs, careers or businesses in your future. The key is to follow your own intuition and energy. Only you know what is the right job, career or business for you. That’s why InspiredWork helps you ask yourself the right questions do you can come up with your own new career or new business vision.

If you have lost your job, it means that the job was no longer helping you learn and grow. Somehow losing that job was in your highest good. It’s time for a new job that will provide the next step in your growth.

If you are an entrepreneur, remember that everyone has different dreams. Your dreams and intuitive flashes are unique. If you can dream it, you can become it. It may not happen quickly. But if you are dreaming it, then it CAN be your future at some point.

  • Effective change requires inner alignment.

The biggest obstacle to you transforming your career is self-sabotage from your subconscious mind. Even if you have a clear and documented career vision that you have consciously decided you want, you may not be able to make it happen if you don’t align your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind and it will keep you doing what you were doing before and prevent you from changing unless you re-program it.

The subconscious mind deals in images and symbols from your daily environment. One of the best ways to re-program your subconscious mind is to use Feng Shui and space cleaning. These are great tools for aligning your inner (subconscious mind) with the outer (your intentions and conscious mind). With the InspiredWork Career Transformation System, you will not only create your new career or business vision (what you want to create), but you will also create your strategy (how you plan to get it) and do inner alignment (to support the new career or business vision).

  • To manage your career successfully in the digital age, you need to create and manage your brand.

If you are looking for a new job or career, then your personal brand especially your online brand on LinkedIn is critical to your success. Don’t make the mistake of making your LinkedIn Profile an online resume. Transform your LinkedIn Profile into an authentic, differentiated personal brand platform. This will help you stand out versus the competition and will get you hired faster.

If you want to start your own business, then you need an authentic, compelling and differentiated personal and company brand. People do business with people they know like and trust. Take time up front when you are starting your business to build a brand that will attract your ideal target clients and ensure you deliver on your brand promises over time.

The InspiredWork Career Transformation System dedicates a whole step to branding and packaging both for jobseekers and entrepreneurs. This step will help you transform your brand and package yourself to support your new career or business.

  • InspiredWork takes more than an idea. It takes consistent inspired action.

As you know, the world is full of ideas and dreamers. But to become a successful professional or entrepreneur, you need to follow through on your ideas and take consistent inspired action on a daily basis. That’s why the final step of the InspiredWork Career Transformation System is about creating and implementing a Marketing Campaign.

For jobseekers, you will be doing a personal job search marketing campaign that will help you find and apply to new job openings systematically as well as interview and negotiate offers until you have a great new job.

For entrepreneurs, you will be creating and launching your business using a marketing campaign. You will identify your first product or beta offering and create a webinar to announce it to your ideal customers. This will enable you to win your first set of customers and create a real business.

Whether you are want a new job, career or business, creating your own inspired work is possible in just 8 weeks. The InspiredWork book and its companion workbook, which includes 40 days of inspired actions, is all you need.


Meet the Author (1) Vicki Morris is the Career Happiness Coach, founder of InspiredWork and author of the transformational career guides InspiredWork: Create Work You Love in 8 Weeks and the InspiredWork Workbook as well as the Inc. Best 100 Business book Happy Habits. Vicki offers 25 years of experience as a high tech business leader, entrepreneur, and career happiness mentor. Vicki launched InspiredWork to help professionals create their own inspired work so they can be happy at work and love their life.

Prior to InspiredWork, Vicki was the founder and CEO of a successful real estate investment company and ran a global marketing agency. Before that, Vicki was VP of Marketing at several Global 2000 and Inc. 500 software companies. Earlier in her career,Best_Photo_Cropped-350x400.jpg she launched Java at Sun and was awarded the President’s Award.

Vicki started her career at Oracle, while completing her MBA at the University of Chicago. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University, where she was an exchange student in Europe. During her career, Vicki published numerous articles and presented at conferences in more than 30 countries.

Contact Vicki || Twitter || Facebook || YouTube

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