Lil Life Update!

Hey, lovelies! So a few weeks back I had to take a step back from social media due to a death in the family but it has become 3 deaths in 3 weeks. I am really struggling to keep up with everyone and as a result, I am only posting already scheduled posts for the time being. I am both mentally and physically drained plus the stress is making me feel very ill and, as usual, making my pains flare up. Although on a positive note, my poetry is flowing from my brain through my arm and oh so beautiful pen to paper as a result of the raw emotions!

I am taking a step back for now and I know I don’t ever need to explain, you all rock, but I do like to explain why I’m not involving myself in our wee community!


Next week, God willing, I will be attending a book launch so I will post about that!!


14 thoughts on “Lil Life Update!

    • Thanks, darling. It has been a nightmare! Yesterday was hubby’s bday and it was spent at a funeral. But at least my daughter’s project on The Pyramids is the centrepiece of all the class projects! Silver linings if we look for them!

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