#Announcement New Domain!!

Well, well, well! It only took me 9 months to decide that it was more than worth it to actually buy my domain name. As I have stated before I had a previous blog, on WordPress, and I just didn’t feel the urge to buy the domain name as it was called Rambling Lisa. The issue with this blog was that the first part of its domain was lisasbookreview because I felt that ramblinglisasbookrevews.wordpress.com was just far too long…. even looking at it gives me a headache! There has been confusion over my blog name as a result of the domain so I decided to fix it, once and for all.

I had bought, what I thought, was a beautiful logo which turned out to be copyrighted material that had been edited to add the blog name – I was gutted! Thanks to my lovely friend, Shanannigans, over at Reads & Reels, I learned I could make my own logo. She’s one smart cookie that girl, must be the Irish in her πŸ˜‰

So here we are today! I didn’t want to change to the new domain name until the new logo was perfected.

Meet the new logo!

Blog Logo


Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

24 thoughts on “#Announcement New Domain!!

    • I loved the other one but when I’d that one put together and showed hubby he seemed to like it too ☺ You know men hard to tell at times lol

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    • Thanks ☺ I love it too but I do miss the old one, shame when people take your money then steal someone elses work but I love the simplicity of the new one ☺


    • The girl I bought it from, I went through Fiverr, claimed to be a graphic designer. Someone emailed me when they saw my review re the logo about a month ago and told me she had been investigating this person because she wasn’t getting what she asked for. I had stated the same in my review but said I loved what I had gotten. The image was taken from Tumblr 😦 I got the new image of pixabay, at least I know the image is copyright free!

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    • That’s just it though, I didn’t know if the book blog would be something I wanted to put all my time into, or much time for that matter, but I ended up deactivating my previous blog and doubt I will ever go back to it as I love book blogging so much. I had my other blog for years so goes to show how much I love this one if I’ve bought it after months lol

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