How To Write A Book Request Email

Very informative for new bloggers!

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Hi guys! I hope that you have checked out my Best Ways to Get ARC Books-2017 blog post, as well as my Publicity Contacts for Publishers-Master List, and if you did, thank you first of all! Secondly, would you like to learn how to write a request email? I know that may sound silly, but sometimes new book bloggers and book reviewers aren’t quite sure how to put their toes in the water. From my experience, the more thorough, and kind, you are in the email, the more likely your request is going to get accepted.

Now, I am not an expert, and you may have better suggestions of what to write in an email, so please feel free to share! This is just what I typically do, and I often times get great responses.

Hello (Either write the publicity contacts name, the authors name, or whomever it is…

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