#GuestPost by #author Polly White about her book ‘What If I Go?’ @pollyjwhite4

I want to thank Polly for reaching out to me about being a Guest contributor on the blog. If you haven’t already seen my post about it then you can find it here! I would love to have some more guest contributors and do more collabs 😀

Meet Polly

‘After hearing from too many newspaper articles and reports about the abuse of young women going under the radar of the authorities, Polly White was inspired to write about the perpetrators and join those who disrupt such exploitation by raising awareness in a novel called, ‘What If I Go?’ The New Adult suspense is about this harsh reality on some streets near her. Thanks are due to all those who supported this effort to empower college & Uni students to remain safe, as they leave home. The writer gets by with a lot of help from her friends, also. Baking helps her to de-stress and creative writing gives her a voice. Without too many spoilers she reveals more below, first see her website here https://pollyjwhite.wordpress.com/

 By Polly

Set in the UK, it tells a coming-of-age story that takes an unexpected turn towards exploitation through gang grooming. The streets of England are not paved with gold, apparently. There are huge cultural issues that add to the mix for this would-be student who is up for a new life. The response to this traumatic welcome to England that Grace receives is at first naive, then hopeful. She would rather not be a burden to her family who gave her their best start. So, she secretly shares her chaos with her diary rather than those who could pray for her release.

This Eastern European girl is tough but stubbornness hinders her saviour’s attempts…

However, Grace must bolt away from the embarrassment of being controlled by a boy who she thought had true feelings for her. She learns slowly as several guys try to help out but in the end she must regain her own faith. Thus, nightmare scenes follow before police intervention and a court case bring justice. Along the way, a church and professionals support the young woman as she learns the hard way. Her family and friends are last to be let in on her real ordeal because she’s still protecting them.

How can she possibly recover?’

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