My Dream Dinner Party With Authors

I’m sure we all have our ‘Dream Dinner Party’ line up so when Eventbrite approached me about a new project regarding a panel of favourite authors I thought that given I am so in love with crime/mystery/horror novels that this would be great fun to participate in.


Given that Agatha Christie is invited we have to do this right and all sit down at the table for an elegant meal but for Edgar Allan Poe’s benefit, we will have it late at night…just for the atmosphere!

So as I have already stated Agatha Christie and Edgar Allan Poe but I must invite the oh so great Arthur Conan Doyle. I love these authors and thought how wonderful it would be to have them sitting with some of the more modern crime authors and have them discuss how writing styles have changed and how audiences have changed through the ages. I actually wrote a piece on how through the years people have become desensitised (you can read this here) and it would be wonderful to see how the ‘first’ writers of their genre would deal with this if they were writing in this century.

My other 3 guests would be John Grisham, John le Carré and Stephen King.  I imagine having these 6 amazing authors in a discussion would be probably one of the greatest nights EVER!! OKAY… now how do I make this happen and what on earth am I going to cook?!

author party.jpg

N.B. Don’t invite Jessica Fletcher because someone is bound to die…..

Thank you so much to Eventbrite for the inspiration for this post and check out their online event registration page!

2 thoughts on “My Dream Dinner Party With Authors

  1. Love your choice of guests, would be the same for me I think. Definitely spot on about Jessica Fletcher, she’s bad luck hahaha

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