Blogger Guilt 

So glad it isn’t just me! Just need to remember we do this for fun, not guilt!


I’ve been meaning to write a discussion post since January and I’ve been too snowed under with review copies to squeeze one in, but after seeing several threads on social media about blogger guilt, I figured it was the right time to actually take the time to write down some of the thoughts running through my head!

Guilt seems to be a common feeling for many book bloggers, for a wide variety of reasons. Honestly, any of us feeling bad about things is ridiculous, we have nothing to feel badly about. It’s time for us to collectively let those feelings go and be proud of what we do and remember that we all do this for the love of books.

Let’s talk about the reasons that we feel guilty. We have enormous, overwhelming TBR piles that are being added to daily. It’s a constant struggle to stay on top of…

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