Guest Writers Wanted! #writers #bloggers #blogging #guestwriter

Hey hey lovelies!!!

I have to say I love the book blogging community and the people I have ‘met’ through it and would love to invite you to write guest posts. The only request is that it is (obviously) book related!

I had been blogging on parenting, books and beauty/lifestyle for 9 years prior to deciding that I just wasn’t enjoying what I was doing. Yes, I am well aware that is a long time to take to decide something! It was more the 3 years prior to starting this blog that I wasn’t liking the community and only was posting sporadically that made me realise how I felt. I realised that I was only truly happy when writing about books but wasn’t aware that there was an actual community dedicated to blogging about books!

Here I am 6 months later and I am about to try and vamp up my page because I am actually happy with blogging again and part of that revamp is to open it up to all you lovely people who have made me feel so welcome! Naturally, authors are welcome also 😉

Comment below, DM me or throw me an email ( if you are interested!!


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