Do you sit in the library to have quiet but not be alone?

I love to go to the library, I have a funny feeling I am not alone on this. There are books (obviously!), chairs, tables and a coffee machine. Never mind the computers and photocopier, the only time I use the photocopier is at poetry readings.
What I love about the library, besides the books, is the home away from home feel. There may be strangers, people I vaguely know from the library and of corse the lovely librarians who are always more than willing to help but what is the best part is the being alone without actually being alone. I don’t know if it will make sense to anyone, to be honest, but I wanted to put it out there and see if I am the only one.

A lot of libraries are closing down or having opening hours reduced which upsets me a lot. I remember walking down the street from school and sitting doing my homework then maybe spending another hour reading a book before heading home. I hope that soon that will be my daughter, even its just the school library.

I have my little office area at home and I do curl up on the sofa in there to read, dogs lying on the rug but sometimes the company of strangers is something I find strangely comforting.

What are your thoughts on this?


2 thoughts on “Do you sit in the library to have quiet but not be alone?

  1. They really are. I blame e-readers and computers on them no longer being ‘fashionable’. Don’t get me wrong, e-readers are handy and I own 2, but the library takes me back to my childhood…Encylopedia Britanica knew stuff Wikipedia only wishes it knew! Computers have made us lazy. I could go off on a complete rant about the good the bad and the ugly of modern tech and the negitive effects on society, especially when it comes to libraries. Maybe as a person who grew up where having a remote control for the T.V. or having a phone in the house was a luxury I have more of a connection to the ‘simpler times’ when libraries were a must but even in todays society they really are a must….here ends the rambling, for now! 😁😁


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