This Book Belongs to….

When I was a child, as soon as I got a new book I would write ‘This book belongs to:- Lisa ‘insert maiden name’, (then address formatted as if it was a letter)’. However, now I can’t say that a single book I have bought as an adult, Bible excluded, has my name written on it. How is someone who borrows my books meant to know that this book is, in fact, mine?? That being said when Alexandrea takes a book to school I write ‘Alexandrea Rambling-Daughter‘ inside the cover page (but this, naturally, leads to getting the Tipp-ex tape out to remove her name when making donations). It is like one rule for me and one rule for her, the husband is his own human so it is up to him what he does!

I actually never realised that I don’t write my name inside books until  I was recently sorting all the books out and decided it was about time I rectified this. I must point out that I did not get out my trusty fountain pen and start writing my name inside all of my books…I can’t say my poor hand would have held up to that task but it did get me thinking about other ways to go about labelling them.

First I thought about getting an ink stamp and came across some lovely stamps however they are a tad expensive but then again if you consider it is only a one off payment then it is an investment.

il_570xn-640969838_7va1 from Etsy seller ahueofduckeggblue and I think perfect for me as I won’t have to write a threat!

After this, though, I discovered bookplates. I have to say that the only encounter I ever had with these was when I’d get a Sunday School prize so in turn I never considered the fact that they were available for outside of this situation. When I dug a little deeper though I discovered some wonderful packets of them but then when you take into consideration how many books us bookworms own is it a financially feasible route to take.

il_570xn-388562796_huj5 from Etsy seller BookPlateInk 479092 from Papersource .

Going back to removing my daughter’s name from books of hers that get donated I do think that the bookplates are the wiser option if you are inclined to want to remove your name. Can you tell I am still tossing about which is the best idea for me??

So my question is “How do you label yours?”

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