Top 10 Books of 2016

I actually found this really hard to do because I have only read one book I wasn’t overly fond of this year but hard as it was I finally got there. Please note, these are in no particular order as I can not place them in order of preference. I have to point out that I did reread a number of books this year along with whatever I have put on Goodreads Challenge and/or reviewed on here.

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie


This story needs no introductions, be it you’ve seen David Suchet playing the wonderful little Belgian detective, have read the book or have only heard of Poirot, it is a CLASSIC and a must read by the wonderful Agatha Christie. We all need a little Agatha in our lives and this is my pick of the year, probably because I listened to David Suchet reading the audiobook on Audible.

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Beat The Rain by Nigel Jay Cooper


Beat the Rain is the first book by Nigel Jay Cooper, for which he received the Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Debut Goodreads Author. I reviewed this one back in October which you can find here. You can find Nigel on Twitter and his website.

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The Stopped Heart by Julie Myerson


This one was a shocker for me! My daughter and I were at the library one day, one of many, and she decided she would pick a book for me. So….given my girl is only 8 I wasn’t entirely sure whether or not to trust her. However, it would seem, she is just as twisted as her mum very good at picking books for me (or at least on this occasion). It was a book I could not put down and would highly recommend.

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The Descent of Man by Grayson Perry


I actually wrote a review on this but didn’t post it. I want to take some time over it and post it at another time. This gave me great insight into the psyche of men who aren’t afraid to explore their feminine side. I told my husband to read it because my it would teach him a thing or two, he is a ‘manly man’.

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Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach


This was an early Christmas pressie which I read in one sitting. It is very spiritual, in my opinion. Jonathan Seagull is a gull that wants to fly his way. It is one for all of us out there that like to live by our own rules. I would say this book will be read many times through my life.

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Crossing in Time by D.L. Orton


This is actually the last book that I reviewed ( you can read that review here). I have the next book in the series to read and can’t wait to find out what happens next! D.L. Orton can be found on Twitter and on her website

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Lost in Static by Christina Philippou


I really enjoyed this book and reviewed it back in September which you can find here. It is Christina’s first book, you can find her on her blog and on Twitter.

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Ashley Bell by Dean Koontz


This is another that I reviewed and is the first I read by Dean Koontz, much to my brother in law’s pain as he had been trying to get me to read some of his books for a number of years. My review can be found here.

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Annabelle by Kathleen Winter


Annabelle is the first book I reviewed on here so in that sense it has a special wee place in my heart. Putting that to the side this book made me cry, it really touched me. You can read my review here but as it was my first it really isn’t much to look at, not saying the rest of my reviews are mind blowing but your first time isn’t always the very best outing is it??

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A Christmas Wish by Carole Matthews


Given it is Christmas, I had to include a Christmas story! This is a lovely wee short story by  Carole Matthews that is bound to cheer you up when you have the blues. You can find Carole on Twitter and her website.

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Hope everyone has a Wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year


Thank you, everyone, for your support from I started this wee blog. Love to you all!!!!





6 thoughts on “Top 10 Books of 2016

    • She is so awesome. She loves to read and is at the library with me at least once a week so she has an idea of what I like. During the summer our library did something called the pawsome read for the kids over the summer hols where they could set a target of between 2 and 25 books to read, she read almost 50 – nearly all were age 9+ novels. She def takes after her mum!!


    • Actually she read the blurb and said it sounded like something I would like. Much as she is 8, almost 9, she actually has a reading level of 12 yrs, at least, (she has ASD) and is highly intelligent. We have to restrict which books she reads, she would lift YA knowing she can read it but given her age we still have to protect her from that genre. Def will take a look at your review ☺


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