Anyone else been contacted by My Trending Stories?

Ok so I opened my email account for the blogs, last night, and there was an email from My Trending Stories  stating they had gone through my blog and would like to offer me a contributor position with them or words to that effect.

What I want to  know is has anyone else been contacted by them and if so did you decide to get involved with them? I am also curious that if they contact you after having read your blog, and you do decide to write for them, do you have to stick to the theme of what you write on here or do you get to write about whatever you fancy?

Funny that this has come along when it did because I have been looking to leave my job and get into a newspaper so if it is something that pans out in the sense of being able to write about whatever (this is why I am asking you guys about this) then I would get the ability to submit my articles into a local paper and possibly be able to use this as an opening. I have always wanted to get into photojournalism and so far the photo part is the only part that I have actually put my heart into, bar writing for an online mag prior to being a mum. I am not, in any way, idealising it in my head. I am well aware that you can’t just write a letter – ‘Dear Mr. Editor. I wrote these for a website and if you wouldn’t mind looking at them then possibly hiring me that would be great. Yours, The nutter that blogs and thinks it’ll lead to a job. Side note, when you do hire me I’ll need alot of coffee so I hope you have a machine!‘ Doesn’t exactly work that way but we can always have faith that a door will open in our favour. The local radio offers internships so I had intended to apply (then pray hard and keep my fingers along, with my eyes, crossed) prior to this email coming, my giggleometer kicking in and my mind running at 10,000mph.

Anyways, as usual I have rambled on, I really would like to get other peoples input on this. I haven’t exactly spent alot of time checking the website out due to wanting to get on here and ask you guys about it, but it does seem to be a fantastic site from what I’ve saw so far. Input really would be appreciated on this guys!

Thanks in advance,

Lisa xx


4 thoughts on “Anyone else been contacted by My Trending Stories?

    • I remember them contacting you now that you say that. They get 25k posts a day by the looks of it so easy to get lost in it. Pretty cool you can write whatever for them though. We shall see what happens, finding the time to write content on here is hard enough lol

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    • I signed up last night and will see how it goes, might just republish my posts from here. Shall see how it goes, or doesn’t lol

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