Kids book series review: Barry Loser Series by Jim Smith

Thought I’d try something a little different and review a series of kids books, something the parents out there might be interested in.

Today we are going for the Barry Loser books.

We were first introduced to Barry through the Usborne Book Fair that comes to the schools.

Barry is so gross its unbelievable. His best mate is Bunky and he also has a friend Nancy. His hero is Future Ratboy (a cartoon character) and he loves to copy everything that Future Ratboy does. His nemesis is Darren Darrenofski due to him picking on Barry as his name is ‘Loser’. Wordplay on his name is featured heavily through the books and the calamities that befall him as a result. Sharonella is a girl who quite fancies Barry but he is not interested in any romantic involvement. In ‘The Holiday of Doom’ it becomes apparent that Bunky and Nancy have fallen for each other however it is addressed in a very innocent and child like manner.

There are 11 Barry Loser books and 2 Future Ratboy books in the series.

Jim Smith won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize in 2013 for his second book “I am still not a Loser”.

The books are aimed at boys around the age of 10 however my 8 year old daughter loves these books, so I’m sure there are other girls out there would enjoy them also! There is alot of ‘toilet humour’ hence my feelings of being directed more towards boys.

Even though there are quiet a number of books in the series they can be read as stand alone books/ read out of order.

My Daughter’s Quote – ‘They are ridiculously funny!!’


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