Middle of the night musings….

So its about 2am and I can’t sleep! So thought I’d share what is on my mind!!

Today I sold a copy of a book, whos name I can’t remember because it is so late, and ended up talking to the customer about the previous book and how much we had both loved it. It got me to thinking about reading books that aren’t by authors we would normally go for. 

The book, we had both loved, was The Interpretation of Murder by Jed Rubenfeld. I had been in a charity shop, with the most amazing second hand book section ever, and there I spied a brand new book with a label stating it had been nominated for an award and given it was brand new for only £1 I thought I’d give it a go. Had it not been for the striking colour of the cover, would I have picked it up? Were it not for the fact it had been nominated for/won an award, would I have bought it? Back then I would have said “No” to these questions as I liked what I knew. Yes this book was everything I love to read but I didn’t know the author and hadn’t heard anything about it, when it was being relesed I was too busy trying to buy a house and get ready for my wedding. I have found, as I have gotten older, that I actually like stepping outside my comfort zone with books now. I’m not talking erotica here, just had to add that in! I am actually at the point where I will say to someone (be it a librarian, my husband, someone I work with or in one case my 8yr old daughter who choose a wonderful book called The Stopped Heart by Julie Myerson) to find me a book they think I’ll like. 

Have you found your comfort zone, with books, expand as you have gotten older?

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