New Release! Mammoth by Douglas Perry

Mammoth is up for release tomorrow (September 6th 2016) so thought I would get this up today for anyone who is interested!

Paperback, 266 pages

Expected publication: September 6th 2016 by Amberjack Publishing

ISBN 0997237716

Description from Amazon

The small, isolated town of Mammoth View is hit with terrifying news on a summer morning: a mysterious, large-scale attack is unfolding in the surrounding forest. It s not clear what happened, but it s bad. And it s not over. As residents flee in panic, Police Chief Hicks and his deputy set off into the woods to investigate. The attack seems like the perfect coincidence for Billy Lane. Looking for the biggest score of his career, he targets the local bank. The robbery does not go well and the aftermath is even worse, leading the robbers to a nearby running camp for teen girls. Over the next twenty-four hours, chaos descends on Mammoth View as Billy, the police officers, and a courageous teen athlete at the camp face down murderous strangers and ghosts from their pasts all leading back to what really happened outside of town.”

First off I will disclose that I was sent this book as an advanced copy for an honest review from the publisher ‘Amberjack Publishing’ through ‘Netgalley’ for my honest opinion and my honest opinion isn’t amazing to be frank. I did publish a small review on Goodreads which you can read here.

‘Mammoth’ comes under the ‘Mystery  & Thriller’ genre, I will agree with the mystery part but not so much the thriller. I am actually sitting here trying to figure out how to explain the book because I can’t even explain it to myself.

By chapter 5 there were what appeared to be 2 story lines and I thought ‘Ok, yeah, they’ll meet up lets see how it goes!‘ but I wasn’t too sure if this was going to be a book I couldn’t put down. I initially thought the story was going to be primarily about a young runner named Victoria Lane, Tori for short, and how a bank robbery lead the thieves to take refuge in the training camp that Tori was at. To be truthful, I am still trying to figure out if they did take refuge there.

The story, for me, was very much all over the place. There seemed to be too many characters that were appearing at random and weren’t integral parts of the story line. As I read through every chapter I felt that so much more could be done with the story and the characters. We see alot of flashbacks which aren’t indicated in any way that this is what they are until you get to the end of that section and you realise because the character is suddenly snapped out of their thoughts.

Come the end you do see it come together…somewhat! I feel that it has been left open for a possible sequel.

My honest feelings on this book are that it could really be made into a series and more put into each character over a few books then it all comes together at the end. I am not saying it is a bad book, it unfortunately wasn’t a book for me. I believe at some point I will re read it and if I do and can make sense of it I will post another review but as it stands it isnt a book I could honestly recommend.

If you do read it and you think ‘Lisa is mad in the head, this is a fantastic book!!’ then by all means let me know 🙂

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