Piece for Stuart

Thank you so much Stuart for asking me for my input on my favourite non-fiction book.

When it comes to non-fiction I am someone who loves autobiographies and there is one in particular that always sticks in my mind, William Shatner’s Up Till Now.

William Shatner is probably best known as Captain James Tiberious Kirk in the original Star Trek series and more recently as the quirky lawyer, Denny Crane, in Boston Legal.

As a Trekkie I had to read Shatner’s autobiography and it was an absolute hoot, til a point…. Shatner’s wife was found dead in their pool in 1999 and he addresses this in his book. It is an exceptionally short chapter that reduced me to tears.

The reason that this book always comes to mind, when asked about my favourite non-fiction book, is that it shows how regardless of someone’s jovial behaviour you never know what darkness they are carrying.

So many people see how happy someone behaves and seem to believe that what is seen is enough to define a person but that happiness can be just like makeup. You face the world with your favourite bright lipstick or bold eye makeup but when the day is over and the doors are closed you remove that makeup, look in the mirror and see the person that only few have seen. Up Till Now displays the very common show of frivolity – pain – frivolity and reminds us that at the end of the day when the smiles and makeup are removed there is a real person feeling more pain than anyone can comprehend due to outward appearance. Remember, that sometimes, smiles are only skin deep!