Life update

Alrighty folks, thanks for popping by it means a lot to me, every one of you means so much to me. These past few months I haven’t been around due to my daughter being in the hospital, I did an update about this in about sept time. She went for surgery and we weren’t expecting over 2 hrs…it was more like 5hr then 2 hrs in recovery plus a bleed out that nurses and myself had to work very quickly to get it under control. We have been taking time to help with her recovery as she was so traumatised by it all she lost her short-term memory. One of her surgeons did discharge her in something like 6 weeks rather than 6 months as, in the part of surgery he had done, she was the fastest improvement he had ever seen and he was retiring a couple of weeks later. There were things that happened that he had never seen before 7-8 months post op before and talked about her being a great candidate for teaching. needless to say, we were relieved as this was the most important part of the surgery and had it not taken she would have needed it redone. There was a lot happened while in the hospital that traumatised my husband and myself and left us very… I think the word is raw but I’m not sure. It scared us for a long time, more so him at the time but I went into autopilot and it wasn’t until after we got her home that it all hit me. This is a very natural thing to happen, we saw our daughters face swollen, black, blue and bloody. She had tubes in different parts of her body to control pain in those areas. The first time she ate blood started to come out of her nose and mouth which sent her into a small panic attack and the first time she saw herself she took a full-blown panic attack then passed out in my arms. I cannot say enough about how great the Doctors and Nurses were with her.

Noone sees what is going on with her healing process and they think that due to bruises being gone she is fully healed but she still isn’t there yet. It will take a long time for the scar tissue to subside in the rest of her surgery before we can see just how well things have come along but, as it stands, the other surgeon and myself are very happy. I asked him to give me all the gory details of the surgery and he was telling me about pealing her skin off her face and what he had done internally, I thought it sounded like fun and he was really excited to talk to me about it but she seemed a bit peeved that we wanted to talk about it.

She is an awesome kid and she has been through so much in her 10 years on this earth but she is my hero.

Naturally, all of this has taken a toll on my mental health which has in turn taken a toll on my other health issues as stress is carried in our muscles but as long as she has gotten through this that is what matters to me. I am so not in the swing of things here and I came back to an overwhelming amount of emails. It is going to take me a bit to get going again and due to my mental health, I will be taking it slowly.

Little side note, I had the flu in January and my husband surprised me with something.  We had gone to lift my medication, it was my first day out of the house and it was snowing, next door was the jeweller we use because he ‘wanted to take a look’. So I was hanging about outside to take a nose at the window display then went in. Hubby was looking at stuff and the jeweller asked to see my engagement ring, it needed to be resized so I didn’t think anything of it. He went in the back and came out with a diamond and asked what I thought of it. I’m telling him it is really beautiful and hubby just looks at me and asked did I want it. I didn’t even cry when he asked me…well he didn’t propose he said, “So do you want to get married or what?!” and I didn’t cry when we married but by gum when  my husband asked me did I want it in my ring I was fighting back the tears! One of the members of staff asked did I cry when we got engaged and I started to laugh then told her the story. Still don’t have my ring back but really looking forward to it.

We got engaged when I was 19 and I didn’t want a ring but it was one of those ‘if you are engaged where is the ring?’ situations so we bought a token ring with diamond chips that cost us £50. We have been through a lot this past 2 years due to not knowing where he stands with his work so I never expected such a romantic gesture. The thing about it that I didn’t realise until just now is that we had our first kiss in the snow ❤