Christmas is coming! #Promo & #Giveaway

Recently I was approached by Paperless Post to see if I would be interested in trying out their services. As someone who loves pen and paper over emails, for both cards and invites, I was really unsure but decided it was worth checking out…nothing ventured and all that!

When I signed up I took a little nose about and found invites for Christmas. My husband and I always throw a get together for the staff but I thought this would be an awesome and quirky way to sort out the attendances.


This is the invite we decided upon (although there are truly too many to choose from – there are even designs from some very famous designers!) and quickly got to the customising  Everything went very smoothly. I first able to customise the backdrop and the text but I was happy with the backdrop and how simple it was behind the dancing candy cane ladies. While customising the text I was able to edit the font, colour and size. Next came the envelope. The envelope was black with a candy cane striped liner and the choice to change the colour and liner was there, however, I felt that the envelope was perfect. There is more personalisation available (eg attaching a photo) but I am someone who likes simplicity. Picking a stamp is the next step and I picked a lovely Christmassy one costing 1 credit. At this point, I am on 3 coins per invite. Prior to sending out the invites, you add the emails of who you would like to attend and everything is sent at once.  We sent out 20 invites for a total of 60 coins. The invitees were able to respond using an RSVP that was sent with the invite and therefore we ended up with everyone’s responses on a page together. There is also a wall for the guests to write messages on, this proved to be a great amusement for some! Paperless Post also has a mobile app for you to keep up with your invites while out and about.

Paperless Post would like to give one lucky reader coins. There are invites, holiday cards, birthday cards & invites and much, much more! If you would like to try Paperless Post leave a comment and the lucky person will be notified!


One thought on “Christmas is coming! #Promo & #Giveaway

  1. This would be a nice idea for those who want quick and organised invites, and also for those who are big on saving the environment. If I were chosen as a winner, I might use them as Christmas cards, or as thank you cards. It is a lot more personalised than those facebook invite groups isn’t it. Your invite is lovely, great choice of design.

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