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After reading a post on Jenny’s site I came up with the idea of becoming a host for book swaps. Not just any book swap though, a used book swap! There is something wonderful for me when I receive a book (be it from a charity shop or a friend) that has been read. It feels loved. If you would be interested in signing up to this then head on over to the ‘swap page’ and let me know your vital info and the genres you are interested in so I can match you up with someone else. This will not be a one off thing, I intend to keep it going and if you would be interested in doing this more than once there will be no need to sign up again, just let me know if you would like to be involved and hopefully we could get this going every 3 months or so! Why not click the button to head over and take a gander at the page and sign up if you feel so inclined 🙂

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Lotsa love,

Lisa xx



Alrighty, after some input I have come to the conclusion that books we own but haven’t read and likely will never read should be included. I am not saying that books bought for the recipient are out but I like the idea of passing along something we have. Who is up for the idea of making this a generalised book swap? I am thinking my original idea might have been overreaching.

I really appreciate the input that you all give xx

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19 thoughts on “New Project – Rambling Lisa’s Book Swap

  1. Yes, I’ve had the same problem as Nicki with ReadItSwapIt postage costs rising made it ridiculous to keep up. And because of that people started dropping off so finding swaps became impossible aswell!
    I don’t have many books I can swap at the moment as I literally took all my spare books to the charity shop at the weekend. I will keep an eye on it though as it’s a great idea.

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    • Thanks hun. I have so many books that end up in charity shops but having managed a couple of charity shops I have seen that they get moved from shop to shop and can eventually end up scrapped so I thought this would be a cool idea. Do you think it would be more constructive were I to open it to new as well as used books?


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