Lil Life Update!

Hey, lovelies! So a few weeks back I had to take a step back from social media due to a death in the family but it has become 3 deaths in 3 weeks. I am really struggling to keep up with everyone and as a result, I am only posting already scheduled posts for the time being. I am both mentally and physically drained plus the stress is making me feel very ill and, as usual, making my pains flare up. Although on a positive note, my poetry is flowing from my brain through my arm and oh so beautiful pen to paper as a result of the raw emotions!

I am taking a step back for now and I know I don’t ever need to explain, you all rock, but I do like to explain why I’m not involving myself in our wee community!


Next week, God willing, I will be attending a book launch so I will post about that!!

14 thoughts on “Lil Life Update!

    • Thanks, darling. It has been a nightmare! Yesterday was hubby’s bday and it was spent at a funeral. But at least my daughter’s project on The Pyramids is the centrepiece of all the class projects! Silver linings if we look for them!

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      • I keep telling myself it’s character building…..I’m gonna have one amazingly interesting character after all the shit I’ve waded through recently. Much love & hugs Lisa xxx

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      • Oh I agree about character building. I’ve been in a nightmare from feb, seems to be one thing after another. Sure it’s how we deal with it all that counts! Loads of love and hugs for you too Kate, hopefully all your stuff bogs off soon xx

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    • Thanks Liz. Unfortunately we all have these ups and downs and after a nightmare of a time, from Feb, these deaths have just been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Sometimes we just need time to assess what is important and at this time my family and my mental health need to be my focus. Hopefully, in the near future, I will be back here reviewing books ☺

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